Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fresh and Easy Loophole

Loophole of the week.

OK, so Fresh and Easy has this coupon they put out every so often for 10 dollars off of a fifty dollar order right. Here is what you do.

Tear out the coupon, Duh, but rip up a few other pieces of paper same size as it and put them with the coupon. Now shop at fresh and easy, but buy only 50 dollars worth of food, NO MORE THAN 50! And here is why.
The coupon is good for anything in the store no limit no item anything. Buy 50 dollars worth, its self check out. Go scan the coupon but, don’t slide it in the little hole keep it and use it again a different day. That is 100 dollars of ANYTHING for 80 bucks.

This can be done til the coupon expires.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A knight at the Sound Table

July 22 2011.

I must first give a little background so you understand my Soundgarden Fan-dumb… ha

Back as a freshman in high school I go see my brother who was a freshman in college and get to his dorm room and he plays Big Dumb Sex for me and talks about this band Soundgarden. Then in 1991 some time later I go see Warrior Soul, and band my bro told me about, soundgarden and Danzig. Not a dazig fan then or now. Good show fun Someone throw a empty milk jug and it hit me in the head near the end of the night.. very funny. After the show we go see if we can find the band and sure enough met the whole band that night. So that was it a solid fan for life, DONE!
So I have been a huge fan since then. Years later my brother had this little white gold Soundgarden pendant made for me, save that info for later. So…

I had not planned on even going to the show because I had my show, tickets were 50 and I had no one to go with so with all that on the plate I figured I would just sit this one out. My buddy is good friends with Chris, the singer of SG so I thought I would ask him if he was going. He replied yes and asked if I was and I said no did not buy ticket. Moments later he texts me that Chris put dug down for 2 tickets and VIP passes. So to recap the Band I have loved for years I am now a personal guest of the singer and his friend?!?!?! WTF ha!!! That set the stage at too cool and have not even gotten to the show yet.

So show night, last night, we get there go to will call and right out the gate see LA people Juliette Lewis is there, a FAN how cool is that. It started to hit me that all these people were like me fans of this great band that had not done anything for years. A connection to all these strangers that was a cool feeling. Anyway so we start at will call to get our tickets and the Anthrax Singer is there doing the same thing, he was really nice and just a normal dude, very cool! At this point I should point out who I am with Dug Pinnik, bass player and singer of King’s X and Dave Henning bass player from big wreck and a bunch of other bands. These two guys are really great musicians and bass players, and then there is me, ha ha ha. So we put on out VIP passes and head to this bar area.

With in a few minutes I noticed how out of place I was. Josh Brolin walks by me and another Actor I could not place in time and he was gone. Get a drink and the Drummer from TOOL comes over to Dug and is all hi man how you been. Danny was super cool and nice plaid shorts t-shirt and green shoes oh and over 6 foot tall which was nice. Being around tall people is fun, anyway. As we are about to go to our seats someone says “hey Dave Grohl is over there” So I know dug knows dave so I am like hey Dug Dave is over there say hi. So as dug is saying hi to Dave and he is laughing and joking with people a song off nevermind is playing in the bar. It was a surreal moment that I cant explain. Hob-knobing is over time to go get our seats.
Before each SG show my brother and I would play the game What song will they open with. I was next to Dave Henning so I say just that. I don’t think he wanted to play but I had to anyone so we guessed and both wrong, I guess spoonman or jesus chris pose I could not hear Dave’s guess so we ended up being both wrong, but both my guesses were in the first 5 songs for the official record. They played for almost 2 hours straight with one small 4 minute break to milk the drama, ha ha which is great. They sounded like they did when I would see them back in the late 90’s. fun show no thrills no dancers no fireworks or mannequins or anything crazy just the band amps and some lights. If you go to see anything more than that at a Soundgarden show you will not see it. But they were spot on solid fun and loads of energy. The only thing missing was seeing them with my brother that was a bummer but he was there with in spirit, cause I would not even be going to see them if it were not for him so…. I can also add that they recorded the entire show into protools so hopefully we can buy the live show at some point that would be cool.
I also took some short videos of songs but I was enjoying the show too much to stop and pull out my phone but I got a couple cool moments. Ben putting down his bass and going to play the drums with Matt on the Song Ben wrote was really cool. I did miss some girl holding up a sign saying she loved Matt and he gave her a drumstick which was very cool to see. The only thing I was bummed about music wise was my two favorite songs were not played, Like Suicide and Overfloater, oh well.

So the show is over and I must say that there were some really HOT girls around where we were and in the whole place…. WOW, thank you lovely ladies we have one thing in common.

We then go to the VIP party thing, which was for Chris Birthday. We then bumped into Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains and the new Singer of AIC. Of course Dave Grohl over by the bar being loud and crazy again. I watched josh Brolin take a cell call in the loud room, “hey can you hear me I can’t hear you very well” yeah No shit BUSH your in a bar!!! Knob. Then Chris comes down and the birthday cake thing was light and everyone sang happy birthday to him. Which was cool for me cause my birthday was Monday and it was a shared moment for me in those minutes. I also realized that I am just a fan and that trying to meet and greet just did not seem right or important anymore. I know on my birthday if “I” came up to me and was all huge fan I would be wanting to run. But I will add this one thing. I had on my SG necklace thing which I have had on for 2 years now and usually keep it under my shirt. I “pulled it out” so it was on top of my shirt and made my finally push with Dug to say hi to Chris. I noticed others trying to do the same so I stopped and just enjoyed the rest of the evening.

So today the 23rd can be all Soundgarden playing all day!!! Night all.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, September 24, 2010

Brush with death

Sorry for my bad grammar but rereading this and taking my time is not something I feel like doing with this.

Two days ago my mom called my brother’s house and left this message: “tell your daughter that I died of cancer and not that I killed myself” then took off for hours and told no one anything else. This may come as a shock to read I agree but this has happened maybe 6 times that I can recall in my life. The first I think when I was about 12 and she told me to leave the room so SHE could light the bed on fire with her in it. Again not something fun to deal with as a very young kid. Another time was when I was living 7 hours away in a different state call me and tell me “tonight is the night I am going to do it” So I call my brother people rush to stop her but she was never going to do it. I can’t recall each event because over the years I have told no one but a very handful of people. But you see the pattern. She gets the idea in her head and then makes a few calls to her kids then hides and people come to her aid. This last one she just checked into the hospital, she is ok now.

I pause for one moment to explain why I am writing this in a lame ass BLOG for anyone to read. Because for years I have had to deal with this, with just my brother and I knowing the full story and frankly I am fucking sick of it. I don’t give a fuck about it anymore. It is not fair for a kid or a person to have to deal with feeling like its something they cannot talk about to others. I honestly don’t really feel like talking about it cause its not fun and a little too dark. I am not asking for pity or advise or help or anything. I am just venting to as many people as I can at once so that I don’t have to worry about what people might think if they find out. It’s like keeping a secret to protect others but in turn it only hurts the one keeping the secret. After YEARS fuck that shit no more. Make no mistake. So after countless times of pulling this “Move” as I will call it I can just going to vent myself of it for good. This is about the shame of hiding this from others not the act itself. Everyone has their own issues but asking kids on into adult to carry that issue on ends now.

Don’t pass judgment on my mom if you can she has tried over the years dealing with bi-polar disorder depression and has been medicated beyond the average person. She is a good-hearted person and does her best to be good. But at the same time asked me her son to keep this to myself. She has never come out and said, “now don’t tell anyone” no she just says nothing. What am I going to do go to class and tell everyone? At 13 , 16, 18 ,… 36 what would anyone do? I kept that fucking shit under lock and key. Nope not now.

So there it is. Over the years having to keep my mouth shut for fear that others would judge me or my mom. Maybe no one will even read this I don’t know and really don’t care. I only care that I no longer will deal with keeping it to myself. I don’t want pity.

Thank you for reading and understanding my crappy writing and story.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Everyonce in a while.

So I am listening to Led Zeppline II, and III while working on some editing last night.

And I am thinking that when the first 10 cords come out of "Whole Lotta Love" that anyone looked at each other and went "you know this is going to be kinda lame can we make it a B-side" FUCK no! Everyone in the band, to the producers, to the guy emptying the trash bins at 2am as an intern just he wants to make music someday, They all knew HIT single. So when that album came out it was a two sided piece of plastic "per-say" with about 4 to 5 songs on each side and it took some time to set up and get just right. Unwrap it after driving to the store no listening it in your car on a tape or CD. But let's break that down one more level. So it was a bigger deal and build up. So now i am home and i got mine BRAND new from "________". crank that Hi-Fi, sounds alike like wi-fi hmmmmm, get the big plastic disc on the table and adjust the needle to first TRACK. that First song NEEDS to be a hit. You open track one with sleepy sleepy yawn song i would be using that disc as new plastic flying disc right out the window. Now....

Anyone could have gotten that new album or download right two seconds after it came out listened to it as you went to your car plugged that into your car and played that new gotten song or songs and then got a coffee. But along the way you text 6 friends and tweeted to everyone about it then a facebook photo of you in your car enjoying the songs. Why call that was so much easier right.

Anyway now we don't media so that process is gone with it. Now we get an instant hit first track off a ton of different albums that come out.

Or Black Dog Seriously even if the rest of the thing was crap the effort to change the damn thing or get another one WHAT? This is my house and Hi-Fi my rules, ha or WEP only two guys will get that reference. So you get through your 5 songs and now side two, a lot more to live up to. Trip me out you dont have to knock my shoes off you already sold me i just need to know you can do it again in a different way. And sure enough, then you hit me with "Living Loving Mad" Opens into a good thing right away I am not getting up from my couch to change it. Your rules again.

Just thinking out loud

Friday, July 23, 2010

The future of Books

Digital PDf books and the other Nook format, iPad format, Amazon format, all will fighting for that market but the printed books are on their way out too.

First we had books on take still printed books.
Second we had books on CD still printed books.
Third mp3's made audio CD's pure digital still printed books.
fourth PDF books were coming out as an alternate still printed books.
Fifth digital book readers and pure digital book from a source or audio download book does not have to be printed might make a few but could be done.

Next pure digital written or maybe even just spoken. but you would record it digital so that is digital no media or physical tape. written on computer saved digital saved digital sent to publisher digital converted digital gotten back digital. So now you'll have a digital book with audio and if you choose to have audio on or off as you turn the digital pages you can. wow that was a run on! OR you can listen to the book and then you want to read a little on your own, pause open digital reader and read.

So why bother having a publisher at all go right to the digital makers its so small they will take it. You the writer pays almost nothing but the person pays what 99cents for your book and you get 97cents it seems small but it would add up.

look at music all digital almost no media unless you want to print a few CD's otherwise you can skip it.

Movies, you can go shoot your own digital camera upload digital to a site and someone can watch it.

Books, digital audio digital readablity only a tiny step to combine the two.

Next blog clouds....

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Here is when you know you’ve watched way to much Universe stuff on TV, how the universe of space, time, matter and gravity Universe. Follow me???

A friend the other day was saying the eclipse is tomorrow night. In a very brief text conversation:

Friend: hey eclipse out tomorrow

Kip: oh cool, what time?

Friend: around 9 I guess

Kip: Sweet I have to check it out!

The next day around 9:00pm…

Kip: hey whats going on?

Friend: Watching eclipse.

Kip: oh shit that’s right!!!

So I run outside to find the moon in sky so I can watch it. But I don’t see it.

Kip: I don’t have a good view of the moon oh well.

Friend: In a theater…

At this point I think they mean the observatory or something and that kind of theater. I am sill not getting it. Then it hits me what is going on.

Friend: eclipse the move btw…

That is classic on so many levels!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Knot, the overlook achievement of man.

Who gives credit to the first knot? We all talk about how the first wheel was a huge leap for humans it was. What about the knot that holds the tool together for making that wheel or the knot to tie some sticks together for other things.

Yeah we can roll things and use the wheel to crush things what of that knot. Tying up your cave wife to have a little late night fun or her you. To tie up that dog you used to alert you of dangers from the outside world. I think the knot gets second fiddle to the wheel.

I bet the first knot was made when the guy who created the wheel had it stolen. That guy passed it off as his own. Then the real wheel creator hung that prick from the first knot on his tree.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Social Networks

I find it funny that the Social Networks were once a place for people on the web to just do Bull Shit and post pics talk about crap hook up with people and just total time wasting BS. Plus it was a place for all us tools, geeks, dweebs, and yes loosers. i am one of those or all of them and now the web and tech seems to be for those cool again.

Some chick i passed by: "he totally did not want me to post that pic on facebook"
while she is talking on a high tech phone, pick which ever one you want.

Once big companies got in it then it went to a whole new level.

I had a point to this but now i don't.

I am just Bleching, ha ha ha ha.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Night at the TOOL studio

Monday, January 20, 2007

My Friday night at a Tool Studio

I went to a studio Friday night to help a friend get the internet up and running. Computer geek is one of my skill sets, anyway. This studio is where the band TOOL recorded their EP. “Opiate” The studio itself is full of crap and is dark, weird, and creepy. I can’t say where it is but it’s in a not so great part of LA. You walk in and you see a drum kit very high ceilings and all same art that you see on the TOOL CD’s

What happened, I could not get a signal to one of the routers I was working on so I backtracked the wires to find the main router this process lead me to a phone and I followed those wires. My tech skills were no match for the typical music studio rehearsal space of clutter and just fucking mess. After trying everything and resetting the router and tons of stuff I was unable to get the internet working. I could not find the proper starting point for a real tech job. However I did find hanging on the wall a nice pump action shotgun.

Being the curious person I am I picked up the shotgun to see if was even real. I mean who would keep a REAL shotgun just hanging around, literally. A shotgun on a nail near a couch who does that, ha ha ha. So just as I have it in my hand and looking at it a guy behind me, who I can't see is coming up to tell me something IMPORTANT. That “the gun is loaded and ready to go”. At the same time like a cartoon or a scene from Goonies this thin string/rope starts sliding up the wall and over the ceiling. The String is attached to a heavy metal cast iron chandelier with red unlit candles in it. Which comes sliding down full force and misses the guy's head that was coming up behind me by inches. Needless to say the event which happened in under a minute freaked me out. I had all these bad images of what if's about the gun plus almost crushing the guy behind me. My friend was sitting at the control desk at about a 40 degree angle from where I was pointing the shotgun.

My friend told me that I looked pale ghost white more than normal. I left about 10 minutes later just yelling Fuck in my head over and over. I was in a total panic.

I will not live it down and it will be known as the TOOL shotgun story.